Five advantages


Zhongbai is a global strategic partner of Microsoft and Intel. It has maintained good cooperation for many years and laid a solid foundation for Zhongbo to face the world and face the future.

Research and development

Zhongbo has been working with the computer industry for 22 years and established its own research center to cultivate a strong R&D team. It has rich experience in design, hardware and software development and has reached the advanced level in the industry.

supply chain

Zhongbai has always adhered to a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation mode, accumulated a large number of high-quality supply resources, and formed a complete supply chain.


Zhongbai has its own factory, equipped with advanced equipment and leading manufacturing technology, which is perfect for quality and perfection between production speed and yield.

After sale

Zhongbai has a perfect after-sales team that can respond quickly and efficiently provide solutions and provide one-to-one tracking services.

Four Customized Services
Four Types of Customization
Serving Industry

Custom consultation